Education and Training

  • Graduated from the University of Central Florida with a double bachelors in cinema studies and business administration with minor in marketing. (2016)
  • Graduated from Valencia College Film Production Program. (2010)
  • Worked on two features and a short film as a script supervisor. (2011-20012)
  • Marketing coordinator for the Central Florida Film Festival (2015)
  • Continuously attend social media marketing seminars. (2017- )


I have always been drawn to marketing even before I knew what it was. Watching t.v. with my parents asking why I saw different commercials during their shows than mine. Since then I subconsciously and consciously took note to why certain marketing seemed to work and why other didn't. In my adolescence I finally realized my unique interest had a name. They say every scientist thinks the universe is explained by their field. To me life is about marketing. We are all selling something whether it is a product, a service, ideas, or ourselves. It's finding the perfect connection so both parties feel like they come out winners that makes me happy.