My names is Christian Brack and I'm a 26 year old entrepreneur. My story starts in Florida with a dyslexic kid who grew up escaping family drama and difficulty in school by watching movies. As a dyslexic school was hell and that's saying it mildly. It's bad enough our education system is based on the ability to read but the bullying and name calling made school especially terrible. To escape I would watch movies and or simply my imagination. 

Then around 9th grade I got the best news. I wasn't dumb I was dyslexic. Knowing that my brain functions differently gave me a drive to achieve more. That although my brain is not good at phonetics it excels at other things that non-dyslexics have a lot of difficulty in understanding. It's then I knew that my imagination wasn't just a tool for me to escape but a gift for me to use to help others. By creating stories to help people understand their emotions through watching characters go through it on screen.

Which lead me to go after high school to Valencia College. Where I got a associates of science in film production teaching me the technical aspect of creating a movie (or commercial/video ad). Afterward, I continued taking classes to get my associate in arts to prepare me for my double bachelors of arts at the University of Central Florida. Where my majors were cinema studies and business administration. The cinema studies program taught me the artistic and emotional side of storytelling and the business administration taught me business side of financial aspect of making such ideas become a reality.

Having grown up back and forth from Florida and Southern California, moving permanently to California after graduation was not a hard decision to make. Now that I'm out here I'm staring with specializing in digital marketing because I excelled at it in school and have a strong passion for it. After all marketing and film production both artistically and financially are very similar. One uses stories to sell ideas and the other uses them to sell a product or services. For both to be successful you have to first understand your audience and appeal to that audiences through their emotions. All while remaining entertaining.

Education and Training

  • Graduated from the University of Central Florida with a double bachelors in cinema studies and business administration with minor in marketing. (2016)
  • Graduated from Valencia College Film Production Program. (2010)
  • Worked on two features and a short film as a script supervisor. (2011-20012)
  • Marketing coordinator for the Central Florida Film Festival (2015)
  • Continuously attend social media marketing seminars. (2017- )

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