My name is Chris‚Äčtian Brack and throughout my life I had always wanted to entertain, but wasn't sure if I wanted to be in the spot light or behind the scenes.  

I went to school and graduated with a double bachelors in cinema studies and business administration with a emphasis in marketing.  I then continued one more year to receive a associate in science for film production.  

While in school I took small modeling gigs. That eventually turned into small acting gigs. As that side of my career grew I had to focus a lot on public perception my image. Not only censor what I posted, but over exaggerate certain things so I would get more engagement. In turn I would look better to a studio over equally talented actors. 

The more I was getting attention online, the more I was starting to get noticed on the street. The more I was noticed on the street the more I had to act like I wasn't. Which I couldn't and it wasn't long till the amount of roles offered to me, reflected that. 

It's then I realized I definitely preferred behind the scenes and decided to create Brack Digital Media. Its the combination of what I wanted to do and what I ended up doing. I would still be able to entertain all while staying out of the lime light as much as possible. 

Since I had used social media to become more recognizable than I had wished. It didn't surprise me that I was good at it. What did surprise me was that I wasn't only good at doing it for businesses, but I was really good at doing it for businesses. Not only that but   how much I enjoyed it. Knowing my creativity is helping a business owner follow their dreams as I am doing. Makes all the struggles along the way worth it.  

Education and Training

  • Graduated from the University of Central Florida with a double bachelors in cinema studies and business administration with minor in marketing. (2016)
  • Graduated from Valencia College Film Production Program. (2010)
  • Worked on two features and a short film as a script supervisor. (2011-20012)
  • Marketing coordinator for the Central Florida Film Festival (2015)
  • Continuously attend social media marketing seminars. (2017- )